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This is a 3 hour overview to BIM, ISO 19650 (+ bonus content)


BIM Fundamentals: Understand ISO 19650 and the UK BIM Framework.

Terminology: Get to grips with essential BIM-related terms.

Information Management (IM): Learn the role and significance of IM in BIM.

Beyond Software: Learn about additional BIM components and requirements.

eBook: In the FREE book 'BIM Secrets' you will lean 21 Strategies to Drive BIM Adoption and Digital Transformation

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Understand what is BIM according to the International BIM standards (ISO 19650) and what you're missing if you're not implementing BIM!

ISO 19650 Series Training - Get the BIM Basics Right!

Getting stuck with all the complicated technical details of of the standards and the jargon? Don't know where to start?

Sign-up for our 3 hour (core) + hours of bonus content.

Not only will you understand BIM, we will let you know about our training to get a detailed introduction in plain English. We keep the jargon to a minimum!

Also, sign-up today and get and get a FREE eBook called 'BIM Secrets'.

Why: This awareness session will empower individuals who are unfamiliar and apprehensive about BIM terminology to become self-assured in discussing BIM and the ISO  19650 Series of standards and to become an informed information recipient (client) or provider of information.

What: A 3+ hours overview to ISO 19650 series and BIM.

This is self-paced, based on recorded seminar sessions.

Note - This course is not a practical course, there are no ‘hands-on’ CAD / 3D ‘BIM’ software sessions. We mean BIM as in the ISO 19650 series - Information Management (IM) concepts, principals, processes and best practices.

When: Whenever you like! This is online.

Where: Online. Based on training seminars.

Duration: 3 hours core content + bonus content.

BOUNS:  eBook: You get a free eBook 'BIM Secrets - 21 Strategies to Drive BIM Adoption and Digital Transformation'. This book is authored by a BIM expert, who has been teaching and implementing Communication strategies and Change Management techniques for large-scale Information management (IM), Digital and BIM projects for many years.

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Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

Course Duration: 3+ hour overview to BIM

Plus get a FREE eBook:

Elevate your conversations and win over stakeholders effortlessly! Sign up today and get a FREE copy of 'BIM Secrets - 21 Strategies to Drive BIM Adoption and Digital Transformation'.

Learn how to effectively communicate the unparalleled value and benefits of BIM and digital transformation to your team, clients and boss! Don't miss this chance to become the persuasive advocate your organisation needs for a digital future!

Course Creator and Tutor

BSc (Hons), FRGS, FBCS, FBCart.S, MIoD, MPWI
ICE Certificate in BIM

Steven has over 23 years’ experience as an expert in Information Management (IM); BIM, Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT); infrastructure asset management, GIS and other Geospatial solutions.

He has consulted with and trained hundreds clients; worked in various leadership roles with the UK Government; project management and enterprise architecture roles at Transport for London and Network Rail, and as a senior consultant in Asset Management at the World Bank. He is a director and principal tutor at BimEnable.

Steven is the founder and host of the BimTube Podcast – whose mission is to explain the benefits and outcomes of ‘Better Information Management’ for Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) – including geospatial solutions – without using technical jargon!

Steven is recognised as a Fellow of:
- the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)
- the British Computer Society (FBCS)
- the British Cartographic Society (FBCart.S)

"My goal is to ensure that technology, digital tools, and data are not just available, but easily accessible to everyone, irrespective of their background or location. I believe in bridging the digital divide and empowering people from all walks of life with the knowledge and resources they need to harness the power of these modern advancements."

What you will learn About BIM and Our Training Services

BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified
Learn The Essentials of the ISO 19650 series

Key Questions Answered:

• What does BIM mean to different stakeholders?
• Overview of ISO 19650 series standards and UK BIM Framework
• The synergy between ISO 19650 and BIM
• Evolution from 'BIM Level 2' to the UK BIM Framework
• Clarification of industry jargon such as 'Level of Model Definition,' 'Level of Detail,' 'Level of Information,' and more
• The multi-dimensional scope of BIM
• How BIM and ISO 19650 standards impact you
• The role of Information Management (IM)
• Does BIM require specific software?
• Beyond 3D modelling: What else does BIM encompass?
• Learning pathways for further knowledge
• Digital Twins and their relevance to BIM
• Understanding COBie, IFC, and Common Data Environment (CDE)
• The significance of OIRs, AIRs, EIRs, and PIRs
• Asset Management within the realm of BIM

BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified Course Sections

01 - Introduction and Strategic Context to BIM

This section covers why the ISO 19650 series and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are necessary, the drivers behind collaborative work, the importance of a whole-estate approach, the concept of the 'Golden Thread' of information, and the roles and scope of the UK BIM Framework.

02 - BIM at Scale

This part delves into the impact of the UK BIM Framework on your organisation and supply chain, the potential for business process review, the competence assessment, and aspects of technology and interoperability.

03 - Essentials of Information Management
This section explains the concepts and principles of information management and outlines the various types of information requirements such as Organisational Information Requirements (OIRs), Asset Information Requirements (AIRs), Project Information Requirements (PIRs), and Exchange Information Requirements (EIRs). It also addresses the level of information need and the resources that support information delivery planning.

04 - Understanding Digital Information Exchange

Here, you'll learn about the principles of organisation and digitisation, how information delivery planning occurs between teams and the process and value of information exchange through projects and across the asset life cycle.

05 - Contractual and Legal Essentials of BIM

This segment discusses the necessary contractual interventions, the legal and commercial implications for your organisation and supply chain, the role of an Information Protocol, and issues of ownership and intellectual property. It also covers the security risks and measures that need to be in place.

06 - Common Data Environment Basics

This section focuses on the requirements for a Common Data Environment (CDE), the status control of information containers, and the technical, technology, and interoperability requirements for successful data exchange. 

07 - Digital Twins: Beyond BIM

In this last section offers an overview of emerging technologies. It delves into the roles and impacts of data, digital approaches, and Digital Twins. Examining their applications and significance on ISO 19650, Information Management and BIM. Additionally, it provides insights into boarder future trends and technological advancements in AEC and Asset Management.

Post-Course Tutor Consultation

After completing our ISO 19650 / BIM training, if you are a good fit, we will invite you for a follow-up meeting with one of our team, to help you apply what you’ve learned effectively. This session provides practical guidance and addresses any questions, ensuring a smooth integration of these principles into your projects and org / business.


A FREE copy of 'BIM Secrets'


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We offer a  7-day money-back guarantee for all paid courses. If you don't find the course valuable, you can request a full refund within 7 days of purchase. This allows you to enrol with confidence, knowing your satisfaction is our priority.



Iain Miskimmin

Director, Success Advisory Industry Liaison at Bentley Systems

I had a the pleasure of engaging Steven to write a course on ISO 19650 for the Digital Advancement Academy last year. The materials were fantastic and the knowledge and skill set put into the delivery were second to none. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Steven as a material writer, presenter or subject matter expert in this area. thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Julia Valentine

Head Of Marketing at BrightGen

If you need BIM training, go to Steven! Excellent session for BIM beginners, with clear learning objectives and a chance to network with other trainees. Steven made the session engaging and made complex content easy to digest.

Jonathon Horton

Design Engineer @ Special Formwork, Mercian Weldcraft Ltd

Having undertaken BIM training courses and events, I often found myself meeting Steven.

Due to Stevens exceptional knowledge he was the obvious and most suitable provider for working with to undertake a BIM Gap analysis and implementation plan for the business [IWS].

From this I have no doubt in recommending Steven for any organisation looking to implement or explore there BIM readiness or current approach, or just perhaps require further training or staff development, Steven would be my first point of call.

Martin Penny

Charted Land Surveyor

I’ve worked with Steven for years and he is an experienced and well respected Geospatial, BIM and Information Management (IM) Professional. He has a gift for boiling down the complexities of information management to simple process and workable solutions.

Dale Wooltorton

Project Manager at
Costain Group PLC

Steven's consultancy services were used to embed and implement BIM, he's extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. 

Jeremy Hidderley


I recently attended one of his "BIM 101" training days. It was a great introduction to BIM from the perspective of a GIS professional, and has certainly given me some actions to take back to the company I work for to ensure that our clients and ourselves are getting the most out of the digital transformation that we're seeing within the engineering industry.

Selection of Clients


Uncover the Essentials of ISO 19650 Series & the UK BIM Framework

Understanding the nuances of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and related ISO standards is vital for anyone involved in construction, design, or asset management. The following sections offer insights into initiating your BIM journey, assessing its value, and understanding its broader context.


Launch Your BIM Journey

Embarking on your understanding and application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the ISO 19650 Series is a pivotal move in modern construction and design. These guidelines offer a framework for effective information management. By jump-starting your engagement with BIM and ISO 19650, you set the stage for more efficient processes, enhanced teamwork, and improved project outcomes.


Assess BIM Value

It's crucial to ponder the tangible benefits and value that come with BIM and better information management. Recognising these advantages allows you to allocate resources wisely and make well-informed decisions. The rewards often encompass cost-efficiency, improved communication among stakeholders, and a more streamlined approach to the entire project lifecycle.


Wider Impact of BIM

Grasping how BIM integrates with other initiatives is essential, particularly its linkage to whole life asset management, as described in the ISO 55000 series. Viewing BIM within this wider framework enables you to appreciate its role in a comprehensive strategy for asset management and long-term project success.

Need to write an EIR or BEP?

Boost your organisation's BIM expertise with our ISO 19650-support services. We provide training, policy guidance, and requirement planning. Contact us for full BIM optimisation.

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Need Help Implementing ISO 19650?

Enhance your organisation's Building Information Modelling (BIM) proficiency with our comprehensive services, aligned with the International BIM standards - ISO 19650 series.

Whether you require a senior managers / Exec' BIM awareness session; or more detailed assistance in formulating a robust BIM Policy, or need expertise in developing Organisational Information Requirements (OIRs), Asset Information Requirements (AIRs), Project Information Requirements (PIRs), Exchange Information Requirements (EIRs), or BIM Execution Plans (BEPs), we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Reach out to us today to unlock your organisation's full BIM potential.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our BIM 101: On Demand Training

  • ​Q: Who is the 'BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified' course suitable for, and what does it cover?
  • ​A: The 'BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified' course is designed for those new to Information Management. It provides a basic introduction to ISO 19650 and the UK BIM Framework. If you're already experienced in BIM, this course may serve as a useful refresher.
  • ​Q: What is the format of this course?
  • ​A: This is a self-taught e-learning course, based on with video seminar content. This is​ based on new content and select content taken from our virtual tutor-taught courses.​
  • Q: Can people from any country take this course?
  • A: Absolutely, this course mainly follows the international ISO 19650 standards, when UK additions are discussed this is made clear.
  • Q: Do I get a certificate at the end?
  • A: Yes. Once we validate your full attendance on the seminar, we will invite you to take a online test (with multiple choice questions) once you passed, we will issue you a certificate of attendance with a pass credit for this session.
  • Q: Is this course hands-on?
  • A: No, it focuses on Information Management (ISO 19650 series) concepts, not 3D CAD / 'BIM' software training.
  • ​Q: Do I get the ISO 19650 series standards?
  • A: No, the standards are licensed. We're BSI Affiliates, so please see below! Contact us for regional versions.
  • ​Q: Any follow-up options?
  • ​A: If you are a good fit, we will offer an optional follow-up with one of our team to help you embed what you have learnt.​
  • ​Q: Is private and livetraining for my organisation available?
  • ​A: Yes, we offer various formats of training, including customised courses, both virtual and in-person. See testimonials for quality assurance.
  • Q: Do you offer support in implementing ISO 19650 series and strategic Information Management?
  • ​A: Yes, this is what we ​do! Training is a small part of what we do. We provide comprehensive consultancy, advisory and coaching in information management, asset management and larger-scale digital transformation. 
  • ​Q: Can you provide support for the management of geospatial and asset information?
  • ​A: Yes! Our origins are in these - GIS, wider geospatial and asset information. We are experts in systems integration, asset classifications, GIS & ​master data management (MDM). BIM is just one part of the bigger puzzle! Contact us​.

We are BSI Affiliates. We recommend you download the UK version of all the ISO 19650 series of standards as part of the wider 'UK BIM Framework Solution Pack'.

Who are BSI?
BSI are officially recognised by the UK Government as the UK's National Standards Body. BSI also operate globally and provide ISO 19650 certification worldwide. BimEnable can share more informant about certification in ISO 19650

UK BIM Framework Solution

Who is the UK BIM Framework Solution Pack for?

Those taking this training. Anyone involved in the procurement, design, operations, maintenance, management, construction and/or commissioning of assets.

For owners and operators of assets of all sizes and levels of complexity from individual buildings and portfolios of buildings (government and commercial) to infrastructure networks (rail, road etc), and pieces of infrastructure (bridges, flood prevention etc). 

>'UK BIM Framework Solution Pack'

ISO 19650 series will be the 'BS EN' (UK) versions.

We believe both physical and digital assets are an INVESTMENT

Asset Information Needs to Be Updated For the Whole Life of the Assets

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Regular price £ 247 GBP

£ 97 GBP

$ 122 USD / 112 EUR

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Unlock Your Potential with 'BIM Secrets'

Sign-up for our online training and get a copy of 'BIM Secrets' a free e-book that helps you understand Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short. If you work in building or design, asset management or project management, this book is for you. It explains the key ISO 19650 Series, which are the international standards you need to know. We also touch on the UK BIM Framework.

  • Easy-to-Understand BIM Basics
  • ​Overview to ISO 19650 in simple terms
  • ​Real-World Tips to Communicate the Benefits

The book also gives you practical advice on how to capture, communicate and measure the value and benefits of BIM and better information management. You'll find practical examples of what you can do and simple tips to make your work better. Whether you're new or have some experience, 'BIM Secrets' makes it easy to learn important skills.

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BimEnable™ is a trademark of GeoEnable Ltd

BimEnable, a division of GeoEnable, is an industry leader in information management (IM), BIM / ISO 19650 series advisory, training and consultation services.

We provide expertise, both strategic and implementation services, in in enterprise asset management, property information management, asset mapping, Digital Construction, Digital Engineering, as well as Digital Twins.

Our Details

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Can I access the materials after the program ends?

Indeed, once you've embarked upon this cosmic quest, the treasures bestowed are yours to keep. The cosmic scrolls remain open for your cosmic perusal even after the final curtain call.

Are there any additional costs involved?

While the cosmic entry is gift-wrapped and complete, your cosmic expedition may encounter optional cosmic add-ons. However, the core of your cosmic journey remains unburdened by hidden cosmic costs.