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Geo-Enabled Solutions

Through GeoEnable, we provide Geo-Enabled Solutions, leveraging the ArcGIS platform for advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mapping and dashboards, alongside wider geospatial analysis, surveying, remote sensing, and geomatics services. We also specialise in creating Digital Twins to enhance decision-making and streamline operations.

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Information Management

Through BimEnable, we offer Digital Asset and Information Management services, adhering to ISO 19650 Series and focusing on the organisation, storage, and retrieval of digital assets and data. Our ISO-aligned training and advisory ensure efficient management of digital content, enhancing accessibility and security for superior decision-making and operational efficiency.

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Asset Management for the ​Built Environment

Though GeoEnable, we also specialise in Asset Management for the Built Environment, aligning with ISO 55000 series standards to optimise asset life cycle, enhance performance, and ensure regulatory compliance. Our solutions improve decision-making and operational efficiency in managing built assets.


BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified

ISO 19650 Practitioner

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What are the ISO 19650 Series of standards?

ISO 19650 - What is BIM and what are the ISO 19650 Series?

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GIS Coaching

This coaching service helps you kick-start your implementation to Web GIS, using ArcGIS Online.

BIM Training

Unlock Your BIM Potential: BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified

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Drive Whole Life Asset Management Excellence with ISO 19650 Consulting

At BimEnable, we provide comprehensive consulting services tailored to enhance whole life asset management and project execution within the ISO 19650 framework. Our expertise in compliance, strategic change management, and information management consultancy is designed to support your projects from inception to completion and beyond.

Our focused approach ensures your asset management strategies and project documentation, including EIR, AIR, and BEP, adhere to ISO 19650 standards, optimizing every stage of the asset lifecycle. Whether you're seeking to improve collaboration, streamline operations, or ensure long-term asset sustainability, our team offers the insights and strategies to achieve your goals.

​Partner with BimEnable to embrace the complexities of whole life asset management and project execution, leveraging our deep understanding of ISO 19650 to enhance efficiency and drive success.

  • Compliance Checking and Validation: Our service offers an solution to ensure your project documentation meets ISO 19650 standards. Upload your information management artefacts, such as EIR (Employer's Information Requirements), AIR (Asset Information Requirements), and BEP (BIM Execution Plan), and receive a detailed compliance report. This service identifies any discrepancies and suggests corrections, facilitating a streamlined, interaction-free validation process.
  • Information Management Consulting: Our service offers comprehensive guidance on the creation, management, and optimisation of ISO 19650 documentation and processes. From developing EIR, AIR, and BEP documents to advising on best practices for keeping them current, we help streamline your information management efforts, reducing the need for extensive manual oversight.
  • ​Change Management Consulting: Stay ahead with our change management consultancy, designed to keep your information management practices in line with the latest ISO 19650 updates. We offer strategic advice on implementing necessary updates to your documentation and processes, ensuring continuous compliance and operational efficiency.
  • Asset Classification and Tagging Advisory: Enhance your asset management with our consultancy on asset classification and tagging, tailored to ISO 19650 standards. We provide insights and strategies for effective asset tagging, ensuring efficient information management and retrieval across the asset lifecycle
  • Collaboration Strategy Development: Our consultancy service facilitates optimal collaboration among project stakeholders through strategic use of automated platforms. We advise on leveraging technology (the a Common Data Environment, CDE) to ensure that all parties have access to current project information and ISO 19650 standard updates, streamlining project workflows and communication.

BimEnable, a division of the GeoEnable Group, is an industry leader in information management (IM), BIM / ISO 19650 series advisory, training and consultation services.

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GeoEnable Group

The GeoEnable Group provide expertise in digital transformation and asset management, leveraging geospatial solutions, connected digital twins and innovative technology for sustainable efficiency.

Our approach combines change management, industry and data expertise to achieve impactful, sustainable results across asset life cycles.

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